EHC HT Filter Systems

Particle Filters for
forklifts, construction equipment and machines working with different driving conditions.

The EHC HT20 shown is the middle of the range model, and is available with Pressure Switch or mechanical service indicators. The EHC HT system is designed for forklifts and working machines for permanent use. EHC HT exhaust filter is recommended when people are confronted with running diesel exhaust in confined spaces. For example in production halls, warehouses and tunnels.

THE FILTER FUNCTIONS IMMEDIATELY ON START. HT filters can also be mounted temporarily on the vehicle or machine. Filter units are available to hire/rent at a competitive rate and are usually available at short notice.

EHC HT consists of a housing with a heat shield made from galvanized or stainless steel and comes complete with mounting brackets and adaptor flanges.

EHC HT is available in three sizes, HT10, HT20 and HT35 depending on the exhaust volume. With larger applications multiple filters can be used.

Every HT model has a light version which is a simplified model.

Technical specification

Separation: >95% av 0,4µ particles


EHC HT35 – 128mm
EHC HT20 – 100mm
EHC HT10 – 100mm

Max. Temperature: 250°C

Filter lifetime*: ~100 – 200 hours


EHC HT35 – 500mm
EHC HT20 – 400mm
EHC HT10 – 400mm


EHC HT35 – 705mm
EHC HT20 – 715mm
EHC HT10 – 395mm


EHC HT35 – 40kg
EHC HT20 – 23kg
EHC HT10 – 18kg

* The lifetime is dependent on the engine size, engine type, how it is used and engine condition.. EHC Exhaust Filter meets the TRGS 554 (D) and COSHH (GB) regulation. VERT-Filterlist B135, BAFU, EMPA, TÜV. The filter can be disposed in regular waste.

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