EHC L20 Particle Filter

Particle filter for
temporary driving of trucks, buses and machines indoors

The EHC L20 is an exhaust cleaner for temporary driving of vehicles inside buildings and confined spaces, including factories, ships, workshops, exhibition halls etc.

THE FILTER FUNCTIONS IMMEDIATELY ON START and gives maximum flexibility indoors and is unaffected by moisture. The filter separates mutagenic, cancerous and allergy producing substances attached to particles in the exhaust fumes.

The filter models are based on the exhaust gas volume. The model shown is a single L20 with a bellows type adaptor. Double, treble and quadruple units are available as stand-alone solutions for workshop applications where fixed extraction units are not possible.

L20 units are available with many different adaptors to suit most types of exhaust.

L20 units are available to hire/rent for small construction machine applications.

Technical data

  • Particle separation: 99,9%
  • CO separation: ~30%
  • Aldehyde separation: ~90%
  • HC separation: ~35%
  • Max. RPM: 1200 rpm
  • Max. Temp. Standard Replacement, 4120171: 200°C
  • Max. Temp. Reinforced Replacement, 4120371: 300°C
  • Filter life * : ~75-100 starter
  • Weight single L20: ~5 – 7 kg
  • Vikt double L20: ~11 kg
    * The life time is dependent on the engine size, engine type, how it is used and engine condition.

EHC Exhaust Filter meets the TRGS 554 (D) and COSHH (GB) regulation. VERT-Filterlist B272, BAFU, EMPA, TÜV.

The filter can be disposed in regular waste.

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