EHC PF Particle Filter

Particle Filter for high gas temperaturesEHC-PF-a-c-300x175

The EHC PF Filters are designed for “Heavy Duty” applications. Commonly referred to as DPF filters they are recommended for use on vehicles and machines which are used intensively and with high exhaust gas temperatures. The EHC PF Filter is a self-regenerating exhaust filter. The EHC PF Filter reduces heavily the discharges of all exhaust particles, gases and smells in the exhaust fumes.

The particles which are caught in the filter element need to be removed. The EHC PF Filters automatically regenerates when the correct temperature is reached.

A catalytic coating brings down the temperature at which the filter starts to regenerate to 300°C. This makes it possible to regenerate the filter when it is being used at a lower temperature. A fuel additive can also be used to lower the regeneration temperature.

With the PF filter it is possible to use standard diesel fuel.

More advantages than you think:

  • Big filter  capacity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low back pressure
  • Big storage capacity
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Easy to  maintain

The temperature needs to be more than 300°C. If the temperature of the exhaust gas is in doubt then this can be recorded and checked with a temperature logger. If the temperature is too low for self regeneration of the filter there are other solutions. We can offer an EHC Diesel Burner in front of the PF Filter. Or we can offer an EHC HT.

Like all regenerating filter the EHC PF needs some maintenance. The intervals are up to 2000 hours depending on:

  • Fuel quality
  • Oil consumption
  • The engine condition
  • The work load of the machine
  • The type of additive

Technical specification

  • Particle separation: 95%
  • CO/NO2/HC  separation: 80-90% (Coated filter)
  • Diesel fuel: Max. 50 ppm
  • K-Value: 1.3

Exhaust gas temperature: min 300°C

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